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The animated GIF was done on flash. We created identical circles with the oval tool and assigned them different tasks. we added a line across with the line tool on the stage. on the timeline we added the time for the clip so it can actually play. about 8 seconds into the image we made a motion tween and adjusted the shape of the 1st circle by turning it to an egg shape by adjusting the anchors. The second circle we did a motion tween by adding a square with a different color. the 3rd circle we also inserted a new keyframe like we did with the others and moved the circle up and down to make it bounce as well as the ball going across. We added the hipster cat in the background because white is too mainstream. and we added lines on top of the the birds head at different parts of a keyframe because no lines are too mainstream.

In this assignment we have Miley coming in like a wrecking ball on Kanyes face. we copied and pasted both images from google. We used the rectangle tool to select what we want of miley in the pic then used the transform feature in this assignment to adjust the pic. we used a layer mask and brushed over area with the stamp tool to remove all unwanted areas in the pic. we rotated the pic and put miley on kanyes face making Kim K jealous and stuff

In this assignment we scanned an object and played with the hue/saturation, opacity and layers. I scanned my super bombtastic phone case of Kim K during one of her best moments. We changed the dpi (dots per inch) and changed the image to a Jpeg instead of a TIFF because TIFF files tend to be very large and JPEGs are condensed images. We uploaded our file to photoshop and began to observe how the hue and saturation look. We also observed how the opacity changes a photo by messing with its transparency. We also used effect that triggered the darkness, light, etc of the image (ex: in the darken effect the image only shows the darker parts of the layer)

This was our first assignment, its a remake of one of Egon Schieles paintings. We did this on adobe illustrator and used the rectangle tool in the tools panel to make the shapes. I learned how to adjust the size and rotation of the object by selecting with the arrow tool and moving the anchors. We also used the color palette (for the fill) and learned how to send objects forward and back by going to arrange and selecting send object to back or front. 

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